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Tam i have to say the community looks veryy cool. Guys I am sooo excited for today!! The concert is destined to rock. lol. i am very excited for back to school though. I think this year my fashion looks a little diferent than last year. I hope everyone doesn't think i've changed and everyting cause i absolutely haven't. I seem to be more, i'm not sure, unique. I have my own style and i've come to see that in highschool it should matter what you look like because you will find out who your real friends are. I guess i am going for a, i'm not sure, sort of punk rock, sorta of sporty look. I think i've acheived it with lots of band tees, baggy jeans, sneaks, and the occasional square toe shoe :-P. What do all you guys think about your school style this year? *kenz*
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